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Natural Medicine Primer:  Mood and Stress

STRESS: a short, unassuming word used to describe an emotional state that is impacting your physical and mental functioning. 

Yet the reality for many people can’t be expressed in a simple six-letter word. Ongoing stress and mood issues can cause changed eating habits, cravings for sugar or salt, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, foggy thinking, short temper, and constant agitation. 

This Natural Medicine Primer focuses on common health problems related to stress issues. Dr. Mark walks you through a simple explanation of how your body handles stress and then addresses the most common health issues including anxiety, panic attacks, depression, postpartum depression, seasonal affective disorder, and attention deficit disorder. 

If you are seeking a more balanced approach to your everyday life and want natural solutions that will help stabilize your physical and mental health, this book was designed with you in mind and includes suggestions for herbal, nutritional, and exercise remedies. 

**This information is for ordinary people with daily stressful issues, the kind almost every family has going on to some degree. Many of the other mood-related disorders like bipolar, schizophrenia, borderline personalities, etc. are not tackled in this book. Further, this is not a resource for extreme situations and should not be used to aid a clinically depressed or suicidal person. Seek medical attention immediately. 

Natural Medicine Primer: Gastrointestinal Health

Learn about the intricate workings of your gut from the comfort of your own home with Dr. Mark's bestselling Natural Medicine Primer on Gastrointestinal Health. Plagued by heartburn and indigestion? A quick at-home test can get you on a path to healing. Suffer from colitis or diverticulitis? Discover natural remedies to avoid these issues in the future. Written from the perspective of a naturopathic physician, Dr. Mark educates, commiserates and heals.

Put down your Tums and pick up this fast but informative book to transform into a more naturally healthy you!


Natural Medicine Primer:  Women's Health

A great deal of mystery surrounds the female body – cramps here, lumps there, an itch, an ouch and cyclical patterns that seem to make no sense. Women are the primary users of healthcare services, but may avoid asking embarrassing questions…even if the answers could lead to simple solutions. Use this natural health primer from Dr. Mark to learn more about women-centric issues from puberty to menopause and discover natural ways to address hormonal issues and achieve better health.  A preview of topics covered: PMS, heavy periods, yeast infections, birth control, pregnancy and infertility, uterine fibroids, painful intercourse, endometriosis, ovarian pain, fibrocystic breast disease, post-partum depression, cervical health, bone health, mammograms and menopause.  Get to know your own body just a little bit better from the comfort of your own home with bestselling naturopathic doctor and writer Dr. Mark Fredericksen.

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