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25 Cookie Favorites

Soft chocolate chip cookies, fresh out of the oven and spreading delicious fragrance through your entire home… Yummy cookie recipes passed from generation to generation…and now to you! Variations on everyday favorites, designed to delight your tastebuds and soul… Preheat your oven, gather your ingredients, and prepare for the yummy morsels to come!


Worth a Damn Food presents our favorite party recipes, ready for the Big Game or any game. You gather your family and friends and we'll supply recipes for mouth-watering food to wow your crowd. From yummy nachos to spicy buffalo wings to decadent chocolate mudd, we have you covered from kick off to buzzer with more than 30 recipes. Up your game with these "keeper" recipes so your guests enjoy their fill of sports, food and fun.

What's for dinner?” Worth A Damn Food has 50 savory solutions just for you! From simply delicious to intricately scrumptious, this tried and true collection offers selections with beef, chicken, seafood, pork, turkey and vegetarian options. Try our exclusive Taco Lasagna. Mix up our basic chili. Wow your family or guests with Catalina Chicken, Alaskan BBQ Salmon or Shrimp Mushroom Risotto. Bring our recipes home and you’ll never have a mad scramble to figure out your main dish again. Main Dishes don't get any better than these!

Second Edition with new recipes available now! 

Cooking a turkey for the first time can be an intimidating process. Non-experience can mix with Grandma's expertise, adding nerves and uncertainty into your favorite recipes. Ways to cook a turkey are as varied as the species itself. Websites and newspaper articles with endless instructions abound, mixing even more confusion into an already overflowing pot - especially when you add differing family traditions to the brew.

Holiday turkey roasting doesn't have to be a miserable trial by fire!

Worth A Damn Food is here to help. Follow our simple guide to making the perfect turkey for any occasion. Along the way, we share some of our cooking humor and personal advice to make this an enjoyable process the whole way through.


Favorite Recipes:  Summer

Salmon to burgers, ice cream to cheesecake, classic potato salad to seasoned corn on the cob – Worth A Damn Food presents 25 Summer Favorites. This seasonal cookbook has savory, spicy main dish recipes for the grill combined with delectable side dishes, tempting desserts and tangy drinks – all to compliment your barbeques, picnics and pool time. Every busy cook needs these scrumptious family recipes – use our best to create your own special summer time memory!

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