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NEWEST WORK From Gary Fredericksen

Famine and the ravages of war lead two families to search for a better life in America. Ireland’s potato famine and central Europe’s Napoleonic wars were crushing to many people including the Lannigan and the Finefrock families. Via different paths, two of their children meet in Iowa, have children, and establish lives. While they sometimes live in different places and their children create their own paths, they came to revolve around the Smith County, Kansas area before scattering to the winds, mostly driven by the great American depression.

Irish storytelling, pride in family history and love of family are important themes. With previous research and the rich memories of the family historian, Donna Lannigan Robinson, the author blends stories, newspaper articles and original sources to present the family history from Kilkenny to Kansas.

A Classic For Lent From Mark Fredericksen
2022 Anniversary Edition
Available Now

“Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.”
 (Psalms 51:10 NIV)

As Christians, we have the opportunity to spend the forty-seven days between Ash Wednesday and Easter examining our hearts and preparing our spirits for the Good News that is to come. Mark Fredericksen, M.Div., N.D., offers Lenten Meditations as a companion on your journey of introspection. Whether used for daily encounter or revisited during the year for spiritual refreshment, Lenten Meditations will soothe your soul and connect your spirit to God through Jesus. He is Risen!

Newest Release From Patti Ann Colt
 Smitten, Echo Falls, Texas Book #8

Hexed, Echo Falls, Texas Book #8
Available Now

A slave to regrets or bewitched by love?

A failed relationship and the trauma of witnessing a fatal accident force bestselling author, Gage Caldwell, home to the safest place he knows – Echo Falls, Texas. In a tailspin with his muse blocked, anxiety and guilt plague him. Avoiding his latest manuscript, Gage shifts his attention to sparring with his sexy neighbor over hexing black cats, Halloween decorations, and the haunted graveyard behind their houses.

Ruth Bennett continues to rebuild her self-esteem after a relationship gone bad. Doubting her men instincts, she’s put out by the angsty author next door. He skateboards at all hours of the night, lives out of boxes instead of unpacking, and he never seems to write, yet his killer blue eyes and bad boy attitude captivate her.

Forgetting past failures, Gage coaxes sweet Ruth from frenemies to tentative lovers, but their fragile faith in one another challenges their union. When the simplest lie is exposed between them, Ruth’s trust teeters in the balance. Gage must dig deep to save what’s meant to be – using any means necessary including pumpkin magic and the power of home and heart.



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